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About us

La Petite Délicat (pronounced delika, meaning delicate) is a small boutique specializing in macarons and custom-designed macarons. Macaron is a gluten-free French confection made of almond flour and meringue filled with choices of ganache, buttercream, caramel or jam filling. Our macarons are about one and seven inches in diameter and each is handcrafted carefully to create a perfect confection that is visually appealing and will delight your taste buds. 

Our macarons are slightly crispy on the outside, and soft/chewy on the inside. They are best consumed at room temperature. You can order gift boxes and we cater weddings/birthdays/anniversaries or other special events.

Our macarons are baked to order in a certified commercial kitchen located at Lexington, Kentucky. We make our macarons from scratch using the finest ingredients available (hormone free eggs, real butter, the finest chocolate and no preservatives).

Presentation is important. We deliver our macarons in an attractive gift box that also protects our delicate macarons when shipped. Accordingly, we can include a gift message with your order. Just e-mail us the details. Whether you are interested in a small or large order, we guarantee that each of our customers will be happy with our macarons and our service.

La Petite Délicat creates fine petite confections, and we promise excellent customer service. Contact us today and savor our fine confections.

WARNING: All products may contain, or have come in contact with a variety of nuts, including but not limited to, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts and almonds.


Welcome to La Petite Délicat!

My name is Sylviana Herrin, and I am the owner/founder of La Petite Délicat.

I live in Lexington, Kentucky with my wonderful husband and a beautiful daughter. In July 2012, I was searching for a unique dessert for my daughter's 2nd birthday party and came accross colorful petite macarons. I searched for a great recipe and read a lot of blogs about making them, but learned that they were difficult to make. After countless trials, I successfully made a perfectly round macaron with beautiful ruffle! They were a big hit at the party and macarons become our family's favorite dessert. I have been making macarons ever since and La Petite Sucré was born in February 2013. In January 2015, we changed our business name to La Petite Délicat.

I love baking macarons, but decorating them gives me a new level of excitement! In August 2013, I started making macarons with custom designs and it becomes the highlight of my business.

At La Petite Délicat, we use only the best ingredients and bake from scratch! Every detail is handcrafted with love and you can taste the effort.

I am looking forward to creating unique macarons for your event, or you can simply order our gift box for friends and family. Believe me, these sweet confections will bring conversation to your event!

Xoxo, Sylviana